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      Prime contractor contact details   Note: the value for the Work Programme contract
    reflects the Prime's bid, including performance offer
    and discounts. Source: DWP
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        Work Programme prime contractors along with
    specialist delivery partners from the public,
    private and voluntary sectors will identify ways
    of getting people back to work.
      ESF (families with multiple problems) contractor details   European Social Fund: Contractors to support families
    with multiple problems. To tackle entrenched
    worklessness by progressing multi-generational
    families with multiple problems closer to employment.
    Estimated length of the contract is 36 Months.
      ESF contractor Contact name email Phone      
      Work Choice contractor details   Work Choice helps people with disabilities whose
    needs cannot be met through other work
    programmes. This might be because they need
    more specialised support to find employment or
    keep a job once they have started work.
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      Employment Related Support Services (ERSS) Framework   Work Programme, ESF 2011-13 (England) provision
    and Mandatory Work Activity are the three contracts
    to be called off the Employment Related Support
    Services (ERSS) Framework so far. DWP established
    the ERSS framework in 2010 via open competition.
    Under EU regulations they are not able to accept new
    organisations onto the framework. Organisations
    seeking to provide services specifically regarding the
    Work Programme and ESF provision may find it helpful
    to look at the list of framework organisations and
    make direct approaches to them to be considered for
    any supply chain opportunities they may have.
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